Ford Vs Chevy

Ford vs Chevy at Brands Hatch – Speedfest 11 – 8-9th June 2024

Speedfest is the UK’s premier US-Themed car event of the season and in 2023 celebrated its own 10 Year anniversary. It mixes fantastic on-track content with an eclectic mix of off-track entertainment for fans and spectators.

This will include Speedfest’s biggest ever American car displays, Speedfest Arena live action shows and live music. With thousands of spectators, this is a huge event that will be well supported by the UK’s population of American car owners.

Where else will you find a Ford vs Chevy race, Bernie’s noisy V8s, Nascar Whelan racers and Darth Vader (yes, he made a surprise appearance on the grid in 2022!).

Our Ford vs Chevy race is an exciting, new, and different type of race where the winner isn’t a single driver and not decided just by the race win.

American speedfest logo
Ford vs Chevy

Race format to be:

  • Friday – two 20 minute test sessions (price TBA)
  • Saturday morning – 20 minute qualifying
  • Saturday afternoon – Race 1 – 20 minute
  • Saturday evening – Hospitality hosted by The Genuine Dining Company
  • Sunday morning – Race 2 – second sprint race

Combined Saturday and Sunday Price: £650.00

With the option of an additional 70 minutes of track time if joined in with the Bernie’s V8s race.

The battle between Ford Vs Chevy

The rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet, often known as the “Ford vs. Chevy” battle, is a historic and enduring competition in the automotive world. Enthusiasts and fans of both brands have engaged in playful banter, comparisons, and debates for decades. Here are some aspects of the battle:

Iconic Models: Both Ford and Chevy have introduced iconic vehicles that have defined generations. The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are classic examples of this rivalry, as they’ve competed head-to-head in the muscle car segment for years.

Brand Loyalty: The rivalry has fostered a strong sense of brand loyalty among fans. Owners of Ford vehicles tend to be dedicated to the blue oval, while Chevrolet enthusiasts are passionate about their bowtie-badged cars and trucks.

Performance Wars: Both Ford and Chevy have engaged in performance battles, releasing high-performance variants of their vehicles. Models like the Ford Mustang GT and Chevrolet Corvette have often been compared for their power, speed, and driving experience.

Innovations: The competition between the two brands has driven innovation. They’ve pushed each other to develop better engines, technologies, and features to outdo one another.

Marketing Campaigns: Over the years, both Ford and Chevy have launched marketing campaigns that playfully jab at the other brand, emphasizing their own strengths. These campaigns have added fuel to the rivalry.

Racing: The rivalry extends to the racing world as well. Both Ford and Chevy have a presence in various racing series, and their competition on the track mirrors the rivalry on the streets.