Bernie’s V8s regulations are simple and designed to promote fair competition and exhilarating racing.

The major items to note are No Slicks and No Aerofoils – these help to ensure a level playing field.

Our series is geared around ‘Historic’ and ‘Classic’ sports cars. Whilst we don’t operate a hard and fast model year cut off, entries for more modern vehicles are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Beyond these restrictions, the regulations are relatively open, allowing drivers and teams the freedom to explore ………..


Class structure in Bernie’s V8s & Historic Outlaws consists of four groups:

  1. British V8s
  2. Modified American V8s
  3. Highly Modified American V8s
  4. Tuscans
  5. Historic Outlaws

Dry sump cars will be auto-classified as highly modified but can be classified in lower classes subject to qualification with the race organisers. The organisers reserve the right to adjust class category as required. For any questions, please contact us.

Registration / Entries

Each driver will be required to register before race entry acceptance is given. Series registration is £125 per single car/driver with additional/linked registrations discounted to £50.

The registration fee contributes towards:

  • Series merchandise pack for each driver
  • Race event hospitality
  • Race event awards / trophies

Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The exception relates to Brands Hatch American Speedfest where entry priority will be given to cars that have entered a prior race meeting or committed and paid for a future Bernie’s V8s meeting.

Car Eligibility

No space frame cars, no obvious wings, or splitters other than those that can be shown to be period.

  • Wheels, brakes, engines are unrestricted.
  • Transmissions are open but sequential boxes are not allowed.
  • Tyres unrestricted but must have a minimum of two tread lines.
  • No slicks are allowed.
  • Use of additional induction systems (Supercharger / Turbo) may be eligible for Historic Please consult the series organisers before registering.

Race Procedures

Bernies V8s & Historic Outlaws events will run with Rolling Starts. Drivers should be aware that for certain meetings, grids may be split into more than one grouping.

To add to driver/spectator excitement, we are working with event organisers to introduce Le Mans type starts. This will be limited to certain events and further details will follow around specific race procedure for such events.

Unless expressly agreed with the race organisers, refuelling is strictly prohibited.

For endurance races, any driver registered as stopping outside of the published ‘Pit Window’ or for less than the mandated 90 seconds stationary will be subject to a penalty.

Driving Standards

All Bernies V8s & Historic Outlaws events are non-contact. We understand that mistakes sometimes occur and encourage drivers to take ownership where there is fault.

Any on-track contact should be reported to series organisers voluntarily. As soon as the track session has finished (and within 30 minutes) – we should not have to track you down. We expect that – where appropriate – you should seek out the other party to apologise.

Drivers are advised that anyone who causes a safety car for an avoidable stoppage may be subject to a start penalty in the following session.

Winners Penalty

Most race events will feature multiple races and we will do our best to enhance driver and spectator appeal by introducing grid penalties for the winner of each race.

The winners penalty will consist of a four* place demotion for the following start, meaning the car will grid on row 3, grid slot 5.

*The organisers reserve the right to adjust this to ensure fairness.

Most Importantly

No Whingers, No Moaners – you have read the rules!