Our Story

Our Story

With more than 70 years of combined race experience across Europe and the USA, we have sampled some of the very best (and some pretty average) experiences that historic motorsports has to offer.

We have recognised these learnings and understand that for most of our drivers, racing is a lifestyle choice, it is a hobby and an escape from day to day working life – a commitment.

Our group of drivers hail from all corners of the UK and Ireland and unite around a shared passion for racing old cars.

Our goal is to embrace that, make racing as much about the off-track experience of having a great social, meeting new friends and having fun – as it is about having nail biting finishes and packs of up to 10 cars spreads within a second of each other (as happened at Silverstone last year).

Camaraderie and fun. Everyone is there to muck in, enjoy themselves and be a part of the shared experience which has cemented Bernie’s V8s as one of the most welcoming race series in club racing.

As organisers, we remain committed to delivering fast, fun, fair and safe racing to you all. Our aim is simple, spend our precious weekends with like minded people, serve up some ol’ fashioned hospitality – and kick some butt on track!

The Bernie's V8s team

What do we know about the Chodosh’s?

Bernie, although semi-retired is the public face of the BV8 race series and consults on both road and race car restorations. To know Bernie is to hear Bernie. It’s been known for him to take over an hour to walk from the toilets at Brands to our hospitality tent some 100 yards away. The man loves to natter!

Forever the optimist, Bernie is a glass half full guy and will travel the length of the country to help a fellow petrol head.

He wheels and deals and loves collecting… Be that old Chevy speed equipment or 1 quart oil cans – several hundred of which adorn his memorabilia filled mancave!

Simeon, the eldest son runs a successful printing and branding business and brings a high level of organisation and diligence to co-ordinating the race meetings.

Simeon says… ‘We’re different! BV8 is not about taking, it’s about giving, and we’ll constantly improve the races we put on, the hospitality and what we offer to our drivers and spectators. We’ll never be complacent and stand still’.

Adam is a city professional and brings a strong project management background to how our race events are organised.

Adam says… ‘I like detail… give me a spreadsheet and clear instructions and I’ll provide each time. We have a balance between us Chodosh’s. I’m super cautious, Simeon is cautious but can take small risks and dad! Well, he’s all guns blazing at 1000 mph’.

Our motto is ‘Racing as it used to be’ which reinforces how we go about delivering our race experience. Our goal is that you have as much fun off-track as you do on it! Our group has fantastic camaraderie, we laugh, we joke, we eat together, we drink together, and we help each other when we need it.